Relocate to Canada

Relocating to Canada from any country is easy due to the superb international connections the country has.
However, this does not mean that there aren’t any factors that you need to consider before finalising your decision to make the move. That said, here are 5 things about Canada that we think you will find useful to know:

Cost of Living

While Canada may not be the most expensive country you could choose to move to, it isn’t the most affordable one either. The cost of living in Canada is higher than both living in either Spain or the United States.

On average, the consumer price index is at 101.75. The rent index is at 37.42 while the groceries index is at 101.02. The restaurants index is marked is at 83.71 while the local purchasing power is at 109.97. What do these indexes mean? Before anything else it is important to understand that the aforementioned indexes are relative to New York City. For instance, the rent index of Canada is 37.42. This means that rent rates in Canada are 62.58% less expensive than in NYC; while an imaginary index of 110 would mean that rent rates are 10% more expensive than in NYC.

Largest Cities

It would be difficult to think of Canada without Toronto coming to mind. Toronto can be considered a melting pot of many cultures; including but not limited to Korean, Chinese, Indian and European. Toronto is just as cosmopolitan as many other major cities in the world, what with its music scene, street fests, art exhibits, and even its very own film festival.

On the other hand, Montreal is probably Canada’s most eclectic city. Hip and quirky, Montreal is for you if art, antique stores, contemporary music, and diverse cuisine offerings pique your interest. Some notable landmarks in Montreal include the Notre Dame Basilica, The Underground City, and the Mount Royal.

Countless people have up and left their hometowns to move to Vancouver, and it isn’t difficult to see why. While there aren’t many historical sites to marvel at, Vancouver makes up for it nature-wise. Here, there are countless pebbled beaches, forests, waterfronts, and mountains to gaze upon and calm your soul. But don’t be deceived, Vancouver is also for those who are in search of the upscale and luxurious. There’s also no shortage of worthwhile activities to participate in during the weekend.

Lastly, Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is a very attractive and charming place to move to if you are one for the outdoors. Whether you like to ski, skate, swim or simply explore your surroundings, you can do it all you want in Ottawa. There’s also plenty of museums to visit such as the Museum of Nature, the National Gallery, and the War Museum.

Customs and Traditions Unique to Canada

Canada does not differ much from other Western cultures in terms of customs and traditions. The basic premise is to be respectful and considerate of others at all times. Canadians can be quite casual when it comes to greeting one another. It is not necessary to shake each others’ hands at all times or to embrace but it is required in most formal settings. Canadians can be considered much more patient and soft spoken than their American counterparts. It is considered inappropriate to act rowdy or to speak in an extremely loud manner in public venues, with the exception of bars or concert halls. Given the cultural diversity in the country, one can expect to be welcomed with warmth and common courtesy.

5 Websites That Are Useful

1. British Embassy in Canada. No matter where you go, it is always important to know how to get in touch with your embassy. The British Embassy is located in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

2. Canada Justice Laws Website. This websites provides a guide into the legislature of Canada; and its acts and regulations.

3. TripAdvisor. There’s not a more reliable website out there for when it comes to travel advice. Whether you have a question about the least expensive method of transport to get from one town or city to another or you want to do your homework on hotels in Canada for your holiday, this is the website to visit. It is sure to come in handy as you map out your Canadian travels.

4. Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Provides insight and knowledge into moving to Canada, obtaining visas, requirements, and other useful legal advice.

5. Canada Visa Immigration Forum. If you are looking for an avenue to talk to others who are thinking about making the move to Canada or those who have already made it, this is the place to be. This forum can help you answer any questions that you might have at the back of your mind.

5 Landmarks to Visit in Your First Year

1. Parliament Hill. Whether you choose to call Ottawa home or not, be sure to pay a visit to Parliament Hill on the banks of the Ottawa River. The structure of this piece of architecture is simply divine and most certainly worth the visit. Through the years it has undergone renovations, making it even more stunning than before.

2. Niagara Falls—Horseshoe Falls. Niagara Falls is not just a noteworthy landmark in Canada; it is a noteworthy tourist spot all around the world. Horseshoe Falls in particular is especially remarkable. This part of the falls dispenses 90% of the water that is brought to the Niagara River.

3. Chateau Frontenac. If you ever come through Quebec, do not miss out on the Frontenac. This Canadian landmark screams of history and art at its finest. Celebrities, political hotshots, and millionaires have all paid a visit to the Frontenac in recent and not-so-recent years.

4. Saint Joseph’s Oratory. Located in Montreal, Saint’s Joseph’s Oratory is the biggest church in all of Canada. Only Saint Peter’s Basilica outranks it in size. Each year, many people, religious or not come here to witness the cultural and physical significance of St. Joseph’s Oratory.

5. CN Tower. CN tower was once the tallest building in the world. In fact, it held that distinction for over 30 years. It was originally built in order to serve as a headquarters for radio and TV signals. Currently, it is still used by many TV and radio stations in Canada. While it is no longer owned by CN, it still manages to attract thousands of tourists each year. The SkyPod, its observation deck, is the largest one in the world. The view isn’t too shabby either.

So if you are planning on relocating to Canada, be sure to keep all of this information in mind as you never know when it might come in handy. Bon voyage!